What comes to your mind when someone mentions engagement? Diamond rings! Right?

Indeed, diamond rings are the global emblem of engagement, love, and nuptial ceremonies. Every girl wants to possess a rare diamond beauty on her fingers that shines and echoes the fairytale of her marriage. If you are about to get hitched or have been hitched for years, one question might often come to your mind. Why do engagement rings have diamonds and not other gemstones? We will answer you in the article below. Let’s begin!

Reasons Why Diamonds and Engagement Rings are the Perfect Match

Diamonds were never a mainstream jewelry gemstone since they were first discovered in India a few thousand years ago. In India, diamonds were initially used as amulets against the evil eye and bad spirits. Also, Indians used diamonds in decorations and showpieces.

Only a few hundred years after their discovery did the first man ever use a diamond ring to get engaged to his girlfriend. Maximilian, the Archduke of Austria, made a marriage proposal to Mary of Burgundy, his longtime fiancée.

Indeed, he was the trendsetter in proposing to the beloved with a diamond engagement ring. Since then, the diamond ring vogue has persisted, thanks to the upper class’s imitation of his idea.

Now, let’s examine why diamonds and engagement rings have remained a lovely duo years after the Archduke of Austria proposed to his girlfriend.

1. A tinge of tradition

Engagement rings represent a husband’s ownership of his bride, according to an old myth. In the past, a husband would present his wife with two rings. She had to wear a metal ring indoors and a gold one when she went outside throughout her married life.

Fortunately, such traditions and related ideas have vanished and been substituted by the hallmark of love and commitment over time.

Diamond rings retained their shine among everyone due to their market value, conciseness, and dazzling charm. The general notion was that the wife would pawn the diamond to support the family by getting substantial returns during challenging times.

2.”Diamonds are Forever!”

The first gemstones to be used on engagement rings were diamonds, and De Beers, the world’s largest diamond trader, was responsible for this innovation.

After discovering a diamond mine in South Africa, De Beers aggressively marketed and promoted the pricey diamond gem. Their most well-known advertising was produced in 1947 and featured a now-famous phrase that a female copywriter came up with on the marketing team’s behalf.

The song “Diamonds are Forever” boomed through the radio, capturing people’s attention and igniting their desire for the diamond engagement ring.

As soon as they became available at discounts, everyone who wanted a diamond ring bought them in whatever way they could, further classifying it as an exclusive good only available to an elite class.

3.A woman’s love for diamonds

The well-known song “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” was performed by Carol Channing two years after the De Beers diamond campaign advertisement.

The song received widespread praise from the public, which fueled the gnawing desire to obtain a diamond ring through a sale.

She elaborated in great depth on the value of a diamond for a female and vehemently demanded it from the men who served as the video’s props.

Wrapping Up!

All these events and people’s love for diamonds made the gemstones and engagement ring inseparable. So, getting a customized token of love in the form of diamond rings is essential to make your engagement cherishing. Do you want high-quality, genuine diamond rings for your engagement? Explore our extensive collection now!

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